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BUN Sophal

BUN Sophal

Dean’s Message 

The University of Cambodia established the College of Media and Communications (CMC) is to respond to the needs of Cambodia to have qualified human resources in media and communications. Cambodia is the process of modernizing the use of modern technology of media and communications, television and radio stations, telephone or phone systems, and modern electronic social media have been set up and installed increasingly. The business in these sectors are very competitive both local and international markets,  human resources, technicians and experts in the fields are targeted and competed by media and communication companies to employ in their companies, television and radio stations. As Associate Dean for CMC, I would like to express my profound welcome to students and publics who wish to study in any disciplines in media and communications; you can choose CMC of The University of Cambodia as your best choice. CMC will offer you a good curriculum, quality in teaching and learning, and promising future. 

BUN Sophal
Associate Dean

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